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Issuing a Portuguese Passport

הוצאת דרכון פורטוגלי

Portuguese Citizenship

A European passport is the aspiration of every Israeli everywhere. In recent years since Spain and Portugal announced the granting of citizenship to the descendants of those expelled from Portugal and Spain, this dream can be realized. Today, every Israeli whose ancestors were expelled from Spain or Portugal can obtain a European passport and enjoy the various advantages associated with it.

What is the background to this historical decision?

The Spanish legislation passed at the beginning of 2015 which allows granting citizenship to the descendants of the Spanish Expulsion, and a similar decision of Portugal which hastened to join it several months later, are intended to correct the historical injustice done to the Jews of Spain and Portugal with their expulsion which brought to a tragic end the Golden Age of Spanish Jewry. Although the new law opens before the descendants of the Jews expelled from Spain and Portugal the door to the desired European passport, in parallel it arouses the historical burden of the sufferings, the torture and the terror that was an integral part of the lives of Spanish and Portuguese Jewry during the Inquisition.
Apart from the financial benefit aspect entailed in taking out a Portuguese passport, it allows the bearer to apply for a European passport, the gesture also awakens the spark of tradition in the hearts of the descendants of the expelled throughout the world, and many hurried to check their entitlement to Spanish or Portuguese citizenship.

What are the advantages of a European passport?

The range of benefits that are associated with a European passport are many and comprehensive and offer improved conditions on a variety of levels, beginning with free academic education as well as enhanced business.
A European passport allows the bearer of the passport to live and work in every one of the countries which are members of the European Union, offers higher education at minimal cost or free, grants entry to 172 countries some of which bar entrance to Israel passport holders, allows free passage between the European member states and even allows the bearer to establish business
relationships on European soil, and to enjoy special business benefits like opening an independent business with enhanced financing, taking advantage of tax breaks in the countries of the union, import and export without customs and bureaucracy and so on.

אזרחות פורטוגלית למגורשי ספרד

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Who is eligible for a Portuguese passport?

Anyone who can prove his family’s linkage to the expelled of Spain or the expelled of Portugal can receive a Portuguese passport. Furthermore, who can successfully prove family linkage to one of the Spanish heritage communities throughout the world can also be entitled to the desired Portuguese passport. After receiving the Portuguese passport it is possible to apply for a European passport.

What is the procedure one has to go through to obtain Portuguese citizenship?

To begin with, you have to receive from the Jewish community in Portugal a confirmation that you have a family link to the descendants of the expelled from Spain and Portugal. In order to prove the link to the expelled from Spain and Portugal you have to present various documents like marriage certificate, address, birth certificate, confirmations from the Spanish and Portuguese Jewish communities around the world. Furthermore, in order to facilitate the examination of the right to Portuguese citizenship an official list of names has been published which contains thousands of family names identified with Spanish Jewry and its dispersion. However, it is important to point out that the list is only partial and that a family name from the list does not constitute sufficient proof of the genealogical link to the expelled of Spain and Portugal. Another essential condition to receiving Portuguese citizenship is to provide character reference and lack of criminal record. In contrast to the procedures required in order to receive Spanish citizenship there is no need to pass a language test and there is no need to come to a personal interview with a notary.
The procedure involved in submitting a request for a Portuguese passport is long and complex. Therefore, it is advisable to save time and effort and to hand over the management of the process to experienced experts in this area who will manage the process on your behalf professionally and efficiently.

Our expert team will be glad to accompany you professionally, efficiently and with dedication in the process of submitting the request to take out a Portuguese passport. Join our satisfied clients who already enjoy a variety of advantages from a Portuguese passport!

The above-mentioned does not constitute a legal opinion and/or legal advice of any kind whatsoever – For legal advice please consult a professional lawyer.

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